Friday, January 07, 2005

24 DECEMBER 2004

on this day, my friends and i went out for Christmas gathering at Lake Park... 23 of us joined the gathering and we were there talking away... most of them , maybe bout 90% are Highians before and of course, there are also Thomians.... Around 11.30, we were wondering where are we going for countdown.. after lots of discussion, we decided to to go to St Joseph's Cathedral for Christmas Carolling... arrived there and enjoyed it.... On this day, Kuan Chern went for badminton and his glasses was smashed by shuttlecock so he cant go anyway.. sad.. later around 1.00a.m. we went for supper at Food Garden and I sent kee Chung home to Matang later after supper.. i just enjoyed driving late at night where there the road is not tat packed with traffic...


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