Friday, January 07, 2005

29 DECEMBER^^ Breaking UpWith My Valentine......:)

Late night of this day, i called connie and jus dont know why, i dont have the mood and she also feel frustrated with me i think.... for all the things i have done during the second half of this year... i think i do realy hurt her... What's love actually??? Are we qualified to love someone at our age?? this question always comes through my mind when i was doing form six... maybe i was not love sick anymore so i think like tat... i was crazy for connie bout 2 and a half years, starting during the end of form 3... Finally, she accepted me and we carried on our relationship for two years... Lucky we did not went over the limit... hehe orelse i will be sorry for the rest of my life now... Realising tat she is having exam this year and i was also busy for form 6, i just put aside the habit of calling everyday... our relationship went cold when time pass and she even cried... for what i knew... really sad for tat... so, on this night, she asked me, what are u going to do bout our relationship>?? Do u still have the feeling for me>??? i was determined then to answer her, i don have the feeling for u as before so it is better tat we break up so tat u don get hurt tat much anymore... i am also sorry for what i have done all these days... for me, i don know what i would do when i am presurrised with schoolwork later.. so i think its best for me to put a fullstop to our relationship to have to sweet ending rather than hurting her anymore... i really don mean to do tat to u connie..... sorry... i know tat if we were to carry on, u will again have nights with tears and i will feel sorry and sad for tat... i don wan tat to happen to u... i think it is better for us to be friends than to be lovers at this age... i don wanna her to get hurt because of me anymore... Enough!!! Thank you for all those sweet days tat we spent together and it will always be in my memories... Hope tat the two of us can still be friends... May God Bless Her...Always...


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